Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilting started

I quilted all around the big squares, the little squares and the borders in the ditch. I now need to quilt each individual square. I thing I will go for less rather than more, then it will be more snuggly.
Two daughters and grand daughters came for lunch on Sat, and were wondering what I am going to do with this quilt and the Animal Quilt. The same thing that my son wanted to know. When I decide who will get what, I know they will go to good homes. I need to make 2 more so I can give each child a quilt at the same time. Yes, they are all grown up but old habits die hard.
Off to do office work and maybe going to Berry to get supplies for bag making

1 comment:

Chris H said...

Wow you are certainly making short work of that quilt.. it will be finished before you know it!