Monday, June 28, 2010

Back Again


Ian & I had a really great weekend, taking Ian's parents to Milton. They have mobility problems, so don't get out much. We went to Mogo Zoo. It was great. Had dinner at a winery.

Didn't do any quilting or flying, but did finish a crochet baby blanket.

Back home and back to work. End of financial year, so busy busy.

I hope to post photos of the new quilt soon


Monday, June 21, 2010

Back again


Had a great weekend sewing. Finished off a bag, then stitched some of the sashing for the Hidden Stars quillt, cut out some more squares and quilted some more on the Sampler Quilt.

I am not that happy with the quilting, but I hope to improve as I go along. I will never get anywhere if I don't just do it. I think I am obsessing a little.

This week I will continue to quilt a block at a time and continue to cut out Hidden Stars. When I sort out the camera I will post photos

See ya

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Full stop

I came to a full stop with my quilting. Cooper spent the day with me on Tuesday and now I'm off to work and away flying for the long weekend. Never fear, I am taking my hexies with me and should get some knitting done too.
This is the last individual block, next photo will be finished quilt.
I read a blog the other day calling for people to post work in progress. With that in mind I will post my progress on the "hidden Stars" quilt class I am starting next week.
Have a good weekend

Monday, June 7, 2010

Quilting started

I quilted all around the big squares, the little squares and the borders in the ditch. I now need to quilt each individual square. I thing I will go for less rather than more, then it will be more snuggly.
Two daughters and grand daughters came for lunch on Sat, and were wondering what I am going to do with this quilt and the Animal Quilt. The same thing that my son wanted to know. When I decide who will get what, I know they will go to good homes. I need to make 2 more so I can give each child a quilt at the same time. Yes, they are all grown up but old habits die hard.
Off to do office work and maybe going to Berry to get supplies for bag making

Friday, June 4, 2010

Favourite Block

I taped the backing to the floor and proceeded to pin the quilt to it last night. It is still there, hard on the back & knees. Should finish it tonight. My son & his girlfriend came over and I asked them and my husband which was their favourite block. No one could decide on just one.
So they are all favourite blocks!
Raining again here. Good for staying inside & quilting.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Favourite Block

This is possibly my favourite block so far. It is flying geese block and using the strip fabric, created a lovely square in the middle. We used the idea for the sashing blocks. I say we because Carol, my lovely teacher, had a lot of imput into the design. It was her idea and I couldn't fault it. It was worth cutting out all those small pieces as you will see once it is quilted. I start that this weekend.
Off to work now

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I had a great day yesterday catching up on all my office work. Today is washing day. The weather is clearing, so it should dry.

I am making a covering for the helmet bags which came with the new helmets, not bad for some one who up until now hated sewing.

The block above is hand appliqued. Can't wait till I quilt it

Have a good day